Warning about Samolet Real Estate Agency: A Dissatisfied Client’s Story

Choosing a Real Estate Agency

Choosing a real estate agency is a key step for a successful housing deal. In Moscow and throughout Russia, there are many agencies offering their services, and it is important to find a truly reliable partner. Unfortunately, our experience with the Samolet Real Estate Agency was extremely negative. We want to share our story to warn other potential clients.

High Expectations and Initial Problems

Samolet Real Estate Agency is one of the largest federal corporations in the proptech and development sector. They offer a variety of services, including development, the apartment solutions service “Samolet Plus,” property management, and fintech. At first glance, everything looked promising. We chose several property options that, according to them, had no hidden issues.

Delayed Deadlines: Missed Commitments

However, in practice, everything turned out differently. The process of closing the deal was greatly delayed, even though the deadlines were agreed upon in advance. The agency did not meet the deadlines, which caused many inconveniences. We found ourselves in a situation where each step had to be waited for weeks.

High Commissions and Mismatched Needs

The realtor we worked with recommended properties with high commissions that did not meet our needs at all. It seemed that the main goal was to make more money rather than satisfy the client. We felt deceived.

Document Handling

One of the most serious problems was the improperly prepared documents. The legal aspects of the deal were either ignored or handled with errors, leading to significant legal issues. We had to hire external lawyers to correct the mistakes, which increased costs and delays.

Lack of Attention and Feedback

Throughout our dealings with the agency, it became clear that our needs and preferences went unnoticed. Feedback was almost nonexistent, and the realtor showed little engagement in the transaction process. We had to constantly remind them about deadlines and clarify important details ourselves.

Wasted Time and Money

As a result, we spent a significant amount of time and money working with Samolet. Instead of offering a more competent realtor or trying to correct their mistakes, the agency continued to ignore our requests and complaints. We were extremely dissatisfied with their work.

Warning for Potential Clients

Our experience with Samolet Real Estate Agency was extremely negative. We cannot recommend their services to anyone who values their time and money. Be careful and choose real estate agencies carefully to avoid similar problems and inconveniences. We hope our story helps you avoid mistakes and find reliable professionals to handle your housing issues.

Tips to Avoid Similar Situations

Check the Agency’s Reputation: Research reviews and ratings of the agency before starting a cooperation with them.
Clarify All Details in Advance: Discuss all deadlines and commissions in advance and require written confirmation.
Monitor the Documents: Check all the documents provided by the agency for errors and compliance with your requirements.
Demand Feedback: The agency should be in touch and ready to answer all your questions within a reasonable time frame.

We hope our experience serves as a useful lesson and helps you avoid similar problems in the future.

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