Restaurant Buono Reviews

Exquisite panoramic restaurant from Ginza Project in the Ukraine Hotel. Buono operates on the 29th floor in one of the seven famous high-rises. Interior The concept of the Buono restaurant’s cuisine is regional Italian classics. The menu has a large selection of seafood and crudo dishes. Homemade pasta and 15 types of Neapolitan pizza are prepared right in the hall, in front of the guests. The list includes classic, vegetarian and signature options with black truffle. Attention has also been paid to meat; the menu includes dishes such as duck leg, veal cheek brasato and various steaks.

The multi-page wine list predictably includes varieties from different regions of Italy: Piedmont, Friuli, Tuscany, Sicily and others. A little less – wines from France and the New World. And just a huge selection of sparkling wines!

Kutuzovsky Ave. 2/1, Moscow
+7 (495) 229-83-08

Restaurant of the Central House of Writers Reviews

The restaurant of the Central House of Writers on Povarskaya Street is a place where you can comfortably spend time in stunning historical interiors. The establishment is located in a mansion that is iconic for Russian culture: Mikhail Sholokhov, Konstantin Simonov, Mikhail Zoshchenko and other writers and poets performed here. “Central House of Writers” is still a point of attraction for the intelligentsia and representatives of art today.

In total, our restaurant has four rooms: “Oak” – a formal two-level room with stained glass windows and a massive crystal chandelier, “Fireplace” with working fireplaces of the 19th century, “Count’s Office”, which today is used as a kind of VIP room for 12 people, and “Motley”. The halls preserve historical interiors and antique furniture of the 19th and 20th centuries: carved chairs, antique sideboards and decorative elements.

The CDL restaurant carefully preserves the traditions of Russian cuisine. Among the signature dishes, we highlight smoked sterlet back with pear and mushroom ragout, pike perch and salmon aspic, guinea fowl pate in glazed apple, herring mincemeat with mint jelly and pickled onions, chicken wings stuffed with veal, venison dumplings with mushroom broth, cabbage soup daily allowance from the fire, pozharskaya cutlet with fried potatoes and oyster mushrooms.

It is especially worth mentioning our confectionery. The dessert list includes more than 15 types of cakes, pastries and pastries. We serve the canonical dumplings with cherries, Kyiv cake with nut ice cream, “Chess Central House” with the image of chess pieces on the glaze, classic Napoleon and honey cake, Kremlin cheesecakes and dacquoise.

The CDL restaurant is a great place for luxurious banquets, elegant weddings, large-scale corporate events and other events. The holiday, organized at the highest level within the walls of the state mansion, will be remembered by every guest not only as a gastronomic, but also as a cultural event!

st. Povarskaya 50/53 building 1, Moscow
+7 (495) 663-30-03

Restaurant Lapot Reviews

An atmospheric restaurant of Russian cuisine in the heart of old Moscow, where people come to rediscover the taste of their favorite dishes, dance to live music and taste bright signature cocktails.

The interior of the Lapot restaurant combines folk motifs and fashion trends. Cozy details are lovingly inscribed into the laconic simplicity of the light-filled space – patterned tablecloths, a painted samovar, nesting dolls, graceful swans-lamp, which emanate the warmth of home and grandmother’s fairy tales.

Here you can arrange a memorable dinner for guests visiting the capital, celebrate an important event with friends, gather karaoke lovers for a vocal duel, or organize a romantic first date.

st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka 11, Moscow
+7 (936) 555-53-30

Restaurant Savva Reviews

A star team, chef’s table dinners, fascinating gastronomic stories and rare premium wines – this is the brief story of the Savva restaurant in the center of Moscow.

The project, named after the famous philanthropist Savva Mamontov, is located in the Metropol Hotel building and occupies two floors. The ideological inspirers and main people here are restaurateur Arkady Novikov and chef Andrey Shmakov.

The Savva restaurant menu is an invitation to an amazing gastronomic journey. The list is divided into eight parts, or rather stories: each of them has its own active heroes and its own exciting storylines. Thus, in the “North” section there are muksun, deer fillet, pine nuts and porcini mushrooms. And “Kamchatka” tells us about seafood: the main roles here are crabs, scallops, and coal cod. We adhere to the concept of seasonality, regularly update our offer and tell new gastronomic stories. If the guest does not want to “travel” through the stories, you can choose individual dishes from the Natura section.

Another pride of the Savva restaurant is the Chef’s Table. This is an interactive format for 14 people, where Andrey Shmakov personally presents a tasting set. The feeling is indescribable: a gastronomic performance where every guest is the main character of the whole action!

The wine list of the Savva restaurant will impress no less. Firstly, in volume: it has about 250 titles. Secondly, the content: the list included a place for both time-tested classics and fashionable biodynamics. In addition, at the Savva restaurant you can try a rare wine originally from Tuscany – Lodovico: no more than 100 bottles are supplied to Russia per year, so this is a real find.

The restaurant’s interior combines modern aesthetics and historical elements: the focus is on the painted ceiling and marble columns with gilded capitals.

Teatralny Ave. 2, Moscow
+7 (499) 270-10-62

Restaurant Matryoshka Reviews

A representative restaurant of Russian cuisine from Maison Dellos on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. “Matryoshka” is two floors of a rich “noble” interior. It combines antique elements such as a twisted cast-iron staircase and fireplace, and modern design with stylized fabrics and a scattering of spotlights on the ceiling.

The main menu of the restaurant is focused on Russian cuisine. Products are brought to Matryoshka from the regions: fish from Yakutia and Kamchatka, nuts and berries from the Moscow region, and honey from Bashkiria. Gastroblogger and creative chef of “Matryoshka” Vlad Piskunov found and reworked ancient recipes: among the dishes there was a Pacific sardine under a fur coat, quail cutlets devolyai, and for an appetizer – lightly salted Siberian fish.

Mixologist Denis Kryazhev is responsible for the bar in the restaurant. His signature arsenal includes cocktails based on vodka and rum with a layer of tea, gin with beet juice and a ginger-caramel drink made from rum and liqueur with honey foam. The wine list is represented by producers from Russia and the Old World.

“Matryoshka” has several breakfast offers: you can order “Tambov”, “Petersburg”, “Vologda” breakfasts or choose individual dishes from a fairly large menu.

The restaurant regularly announces a special menu for the holidays, and on Fridays it organizes performances by the Russian Style orchestra. During the warm season, the Matryoshka restaurant has a summer veranda for 50 people. Delivery is available throughout the city and region.

Kutuzovsky Ave. 2/1, building 6, Moscow
+7 (495) 025-25-65

Restaurant Korsh Theater Reviews

An atmospheric restaurant at the dramatic Theater of Nations, located on Petrovsky Lane. The Korsh Theater is an institution with history – Chekhov and Stanislavsky met here in 1897.

The interior of the establishment very accurately recreates the atmosphere of the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. The main material here is wood, but thanks to the panoramic windows there is a lot of natural light in the hall. The space is decorated with an elegant antique bar, a fireplace and rare photographic portraits of the actors.

The menu includes exquisite Russian and European dishes in the author’s interpretation. For example, lamb shank served with potato cream and stewed quince in red wine. The presentation of dishes deserves special attention – it is an aesthetic pleasure for the eyes, thanks to the combination of different textures, tastes and colors. It’s worth paying attention to the restaurant’s signature dish – pike stuffed with spinach. This is Evgeny Mironov’s favorite dish, and 20% of each dish sold is donated to the Life in Motion charity foundation.

Wine is offered as an accompaniment. In the collection of the Korsha Theater restaurant you can find interesting examples from all over the world. For example, Russian Riesling with notes of citrus, French Pinot Noir with the aroma of juicy berries, or Italian wine made from Sangiovese grapes with hints of lavender, berries and spices.

lane Petrovsky, 3, Moscow
+7 (495) 694-50-38

Restaurant Aristocrat Moscow Reviews

“Aristocrat” is a spectacular restaurant with a view program and signature cocktails on the Moskva River embankment near the Vystavochnaya metro station.

The restaurant is located on the Bagration Bridge, floating above the Moscow River. Inside, there is a luxury aesthetic with elements of art deco and surreal carnival, neon colors, lush feathers, stucco and whimsical ornaments. The panoramic windows offer a dizzying view of the river and the majestic towers of Moscow City.

The extensive menu is based on European and Asian dishes from meat, poultry, fish and seafood. They prepare duck breast with raspberry coulis, marbled beef ribeye steak, tandoori chicken and cod fillet with gyoza sauce. Separate sections are devoted to poke with eel and salmon, burgers and panini, pasta and risotto with scallop and crab meat. They serve about three dozen rolls and sushi, from classic California and Philadelphia to signature Aristocrat rolls with salmon and truffle sauce. For companies – colorful sets with maki and gunkans.

The main characters of the bar menu are cocktails. Among the two dozen mixes, the signature cocktails “Temptation” with tequila and milk oolong with sparkling and tonka beans, “The Temptation of an Aristocrat” with pink gin and sparkling and “Coral Lips” with spiced rum with strawberries and caramel stand out. The bar menu is complemented by a selection of strong alcohol with Scottish and Japanese whiskey, nine-year-old rum and a collection of wines from the Old and New Worlds. For complete relaxation – steam tobacco-free cocktails on fruit bowls with spectacular decor.

Our restaurant is a space of exceptional pleasure, where every detail is thought out to perfection. Here you will find a sophisticated atmosphere, a high level of service and luxury worthy of a true aristocrat.

emb. Taras Shevchenko 23a, Moscow
+7 (906) 009-05-05

Varvarka 3 Reviews

Varvarka 3 is a restaurant, cigar club and wine boutique on Varvarka Street. In a unique space, we have combined three spaces that value cigar culture, healthy conservatism and respect for status.

Guests of Varvarka 3 especially appreciate our collection of cigars and the assistance of an experienced fumilier. The collection includes cigars and cigarillos, which make up a self-sufficient menu. We delight connoisseurs with classic options, bold combinations and bright flavors that help them feel real relaxation in peace and quiet.

It is pleasant to continue the evening in the restaurant hall, where modern European dishes are served. To start, we offer exquisite Raw Bar options and Italian bruschetta, and for the main course we fry juicy meat steaks and seafood. All this is complemented by a decent collection of spirits, the usual cocktails and sparkling wine from a wine boutique.

The atmosphere of Varvarka 3 – holidays, musical evenings, themed parties and lectures on the history of cigars. Here they enjoy live music, celebrate intimate events and meet on business matters.

st. Varvarka 3, Moscow
+7 (495) 698-16-16

360 Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant “360” is located on the 89th floor of the Federation.East Tower – the windows offer panoramic views of Moscow from a height of 327 meters. We supported this review with strict space geometry, clean lines and laconic shades in the interior.

The menu includes European and signature dishes, as well as signature cocktails and confectionery. We serve Italian burrata cheese with tomatoes and strawberries, prepare tartare from ox tenderloin and black garlic, add carrot cream to beef cheeks and serve with buckwheat chips. The menu includes popular dishes like pasta and pizza, and we cook steaks, fish and seafood on the grill.

The highlight of the bar menu is signature cocktails with unusual combinations. For example, “At an altitude of 360” is prepared with tequila infused with Sichuan pepper; The ingredients of “The Power of One Moment” include rum with lime leaves, strawberries and banana; The City Lights cocktail is made from homemade vodka and cherry brandy. The drinks list includes about 40 wines from the Old and New Worlds, including Australian Shiraz, Italian Chianti and French Chablis.

Concerts are held at “360” every evening, here you can enjoy stunning sunsets, and also take advantage of all the advantages of the observation deck on which the restaurant is located.

Presnenskaya embankment, 12, Moscow
+7 (495) 151-94-94

Restaurant Butler Reviews

Butler is an Italian restaurant on Patriarch’s. That same mansion in a legendary place in Moscow, with impeccable classic Mediterranean cuisine, famous hospitality and the highest level of service. It is here that you will find the greenest terrace in Moscow in summer and an almost fairy-tale forest in the center of the metropolis in winter.
Butler is a place for lovers of beauty. And beauty is the balance of the best cuisine in the world, carefully interpreted by maestro Giuseppe Davi, an environment where there is no room for trifles, and an atmosphere that we carefully think through. We select not only menu items for you with love and care. Our jazz evenings with the participation of world-class guest stars are a particular success among the most discerning connoisseurs of this musical genre. Especially for intimate dinners in a narrow circle, the restaurant provides separate rooms with VIP service, equipped like luxury hotel rooms.
Whatever you choose – a family brunch, a children’s party, a date, a business lunch or a festive event with many friends – you will have a great time with us. Butler – we are always happy to meet you in that same mansion on the Patriarch’s Street!

The classic menu of the Butler restaurant is presented with dishes that embody the passionate love of our chef Giuseppe Davi for his native Italy and respect for Russian traditions, seasoned with savory notes of Sicilian cuisine – the place where our chef was born and raised. Time-tested Italian gastronomic hits, seasonal offers from the chef, dishes for family dinners and special occasions, exquisite desserts and no less masterpiece dishes according to the maestro’s family recipe, cooked in the oven or on the grill, are widely presented here. Classic is always perfect.

Trekhprudny Lane, 15, Moscow
+7 (495) 150-45-86