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SBER SOLUTIONS Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

SBER SOLUTIONS is a leading provider of high-quality accounting services and effective business process outsourcing tools on the market. Expertise and experience allow us to offer clients a wide range of solutions that include not only accounting, but also other important aspects of company management.
One of the key components of our services is accounting services. The company provides clients with access to highly qualified accountants and economists who guarantee the accuracy and reliability of accounting, as well as timely changes to financial statements in accordance with the law.
In addition to accounting, they also offer solutions in the field of personnel records and HR outsourcing, which allows clients to focus on their business rather than on bureaucratic processes. They also provide legal advice and services to ensure legal reliability of clients’ activities.
One of the unique features is the availability of services not only for Sberbank clients, but also for other banks. This means that the company is ready to support businesses of various sizes and profiles, providing them with reliable and professional financial services.

+7 (495) 660-13-77
Moscow, st. Vereiskaya, 29, building 33

Krou Expertise Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

Krou Expertise LLC is one of the leading national companies providing services in the areas of auditing, accounting, management, financial, legal and tax consulting, information technology and valuation. The company was founded in 1993, its founders are individuals – citizens of the Russian Federation, working at Krou Expertise LLC.

+7 (800) 700-77-62
Moscow, Tikhvinsky lane, 7, building 3

EMG Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The EMG company has been operating in the consulting services market since 1994 and provides the following services: accounting and tax accounting, payroll calculation, preparation of accounting and tax reporting. We also carry out review checks and control of compliance of the state of accounting and tax accounting and reporting with the legislation of the Russian Federation and audit. Our clients include companies such as Fortum, Maersk, Unit, Minimax, Opera Software, Ralmir, SCMI, Ashland, Keller, Saati, Hellenic Bank, Betts, Conject, Kingspan, Rolls-Royce and many others.
We are always ready to tell our clients about the intricacies of Russian accounting and reporting, Russian tax accounting and reporting, and international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Our legal department provides advice on tax, financial, customs, labor and civil law of the Russian Federation.
Maintaining confidentiality and taking into account the interests of the client is the basis of our business. Over the years of work in the Russian market, we have been able to develop not only a convenient, but also economically and organizationally effective scheme for the client to provide the client with accounting services of the highest quality and access to the experience and accumulated knowledge of our company.
EMG is a team of specialists with all the necessary knowledge to provide services. All employees providing accounting services are certified by the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia. The company’s staff consists of certified auditors, tax attorneys and certified IFRS specialists. Our employees annually improve their skills and are always happy to provide the necessary services and assistance to our clients.

+7 (495) 481-29-01
Moscow, Andropova Ave. 10, office 8-016 Yes Technopark

BRIDGE GROUP Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The BRIDGE GROUP company offers comprehensive and professional accounting services covering various aspects of financial management and tax obligations. We are proud of the high qualifications of our employees, who constantly improve their knowledge and skills in the field of accounting, taxation, labor protection, personnel records management and modern information technology.
BRIDGE GROUP strives to be a reliable partner for businesses, providing them with high quality and professional accounting services that allow clients to focus on growing their business without worrying about the complexities of financial accounting and taxation.

+7 (495) 255-26-40
Moscow, Varshavskoe highway, 42

Amber Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The Amber company currently has 7 experienced accountants, each of whom maintains their own portfolio of clients. In addition to them, the company also employs 2 chief accountants who coordinate the work of the team and ensure that it is carried out correctly.
The main activity is customer service for regular customers. The company adheres to the principle that every client deserves not just accounting services, but high-quality and reliable accounting, accurate accounting reports and error-free tax returns. The goal is to do everything possible so that clients can rely on us and have confidence in the reliability of the financial aspects of their business.
Clients can be confident that the company is committed to ensuring their successful financial management and working with Amber is key to achieving their business goals.

+7 (495) 648 61 34
Volkovskoe highway, 23A building 5, Mytishchi, Moscow region

Group Accountant Moscow Reviews

We help entrepreneurs work legally with minimal taxes and risks. We give you the opportunity to develop and scale your business without worrying about accounting, taxes and finances. We serve remotely and quickly.

We make the lives of entrepreneurs across the country easier. We treat the client’s business and money with care!

+7 499 348 11 48
Moscow, st. Profsoyuznaya, 93A, 3rd floor, room. 1

INFORMAUDITSERVIS Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The company BKG “INFORMAUDITSERVIS” has been providing accounting services since 1992 and is one of the first companies to outsource accounting services in Moscow. Currently he is engaged in accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Yekaterinburg and Pervouralsk. The company has proven technologies, a large staff of qualified specialists, and extensive experience in accounting for companies in various industries.

+7 (495) 134-00-01
Moscow, st. Novodmitrovskaya, 2, building 1, mixed-use complex “Savelovsky City”

RUNA Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

RUNA was founded in 1992 by graduates of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. At the beginning of our activities, we were only involved in the distribution and support of the Consultant Plus legal reference system. There were less than ten employees, and only two computers.
Today we occupy one of the leading positions in the field of disseminating legal information and providing consulting services. Thanks to the professionalism and responsibility of our specialists (of whom there are more than 400 today), over 5,000 regular customers trust us.

Our advantages:
Quality of services
We have a 3-level service quality control system, which includes control at all stages: the sales process, the process of providing services, and the result.
Responsibility to the client
We undertake only those obligations that we can fulfill. The quality of the services provided is important to us. We are focused on customer needs. We always keep our word.
High technology and modernity
We can provide most services remotely. In your personal account you can get technical support, ask a question to the Legal Consulting Service, sign up for participation in training events, download thematic collections and magazines, receive closing documents and much more.

8 495 260-7888
Moscow, st. Krzhizhanovskogo, 29, bldg. 1

NORD OUTSOURCING Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The NORD OUTSOURCING company provides a wide range of accounting services and financial advice, providing clients with a team of highly qualified professionals. Based on many years of experience and successful projects, the company offers the following advantages:
Securing a team of professionals: The company guarantees its clients access to a team of experienced accountants, tax experts and financial analysts. This team not only performs accounting tasks, but also actively collaborates with clients to listen carefully to their needs and develop solutions that meet the company’s unique needs.
Setting up accounting: The company specializes in optimizing accounting processes. It helps to implement modern accounting systems and automate routine operations. With these enhancements, clients can be confident in the accuracy and reliability of their financial records.
Minimizing tax risks: Experienced company specialists will warn clients against tax troubles. They develop tax strategies and plans that help reduce tax liabilities while strictly complying with all legal rules and regulations.
Creating transparency for investors: NORD OUTSOURCING helps clients prepare clear and transparent financial statements, which are important for attracting investors. This includes developing reports and documentation that impress potential investors and build trust in the client’s business.
As a result, the company becomes a reliable and competent partner, capable of providing the client’s company not only with high-quality accounting services, but also with the strategic support necessary to achieve goals and sustainable growth.

7 (495) 374-92-09
Moscow, Ostapovsky proezd 5, building 6, office 210

Business Analytics Accounting Services Moscow Reviews

The Business Analytics company offers clients the opportunity to transfer to accounting services all or some areas of accounting and reporting, solving legal and certain management issues.
Our solutions enable clients to significantly reduce costs, improve the quality of reporting and focus on their core business. Our approach – to support the client in any function – provides the best combination of skills and knowledge, resulting in excellent record keeping, organized in an optimal way to reduce costs, increase efficiency and quality.
Our specialists, approaches, technologies, skills are expressed in measurable results and improvements in client organizations. Moreover, we offer clients the knowledge of our people, our commitment to excellence, which helps clients achieve the next level of excellence.
We know and appreciate the trust that clients place in us and we also make every effort to show that the trust is not in vain.

Moscow, st. Vorontsovskaya, 35B bldg. 2, off. 212