Beware of INKOM Real Estate Agency: A Real Story of Unsatisfactory Service

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Real Estate Agency

Choosing a real estate agency is an important step, especially in a big city like Moscow. The agency should provide quality services, from selecting housing to handling paperwork. Unfortunately, our experience with the INKOM Real Estate Agency was extremely negative, and we want to share our story to warn others.

The Beginning: High Expectations and First Problems

At first, everything looked promising. INKOM Real Estate Agency offered us several good housing options, claiming they were thoroughly checked and had no hidden issues. We were confident that the deal would go smoothly, especially since all deadlines were discussed in advance.

Realtor Recommendations: Dishonesty and High Commissions

However, in practice, everything turned out differently. The realtor we worked with started recommending properties with high commissions that didn’t meet our needs at all. It seemed that the client’s interests were not important to them; their main goal was to make more money.

Document Handling: Legal Issues and Mistakes

The next unpleasant surprise was the improperly prepared documents. The legal aspects of the deal were either ignored or handled with errors, causing numerous problems at all stages of the transaction. We found ourselves entangled in legal disputes that could have been easily avoided with proper attention from the agency.

Lack of Attention and Feedback

Throughout our dealings with the agency, it became evident that our needs and preferences went unnoticed. Feedback was almost nonexistent, and the realtor showed little engagement in the transaction process. We had to constantly remind them about deadlines and clarify important details ourselves.

Wasted Time and Money

As a result, we spent a significant amount of time and money working with INKOM Real Estate Agency. Instead of offering a more competent realtor or trying to correct their mistakes, the agency continued to ignore our requests and complaints.

Warning for Potential Clients

Our experience with INKOM Real Estate Agency was extremely negative. We cannot recommend their services to anyone who values their time and money. Be careful and choose real estate agencies carefully to avoid similar problems and inconveniences. We hope our story helps you avoid mistakes and find reliable professionals to handle your housing issues.

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