Alexandra Shumilova: Expectations and Reality of Consulting Services in Dubai

The Importance of Choosing the Right Consultant

When selecting a consultant for company registration abroad, especially in a business hub like Dubai, clients’ expectations are usually high. They seek professionalism and efficiency to ensure their new business starts without issues. Unfortunately, Alexandra Shumilova, a business consultant in Dubai, has not met clients’ expectations, as their experiences reveal.

Initial Stage: Lack of Competence and Document Issues

The first step in any business is critical, and mistakes at this stage can lead to significant delays. Clients of Alexandra Shumilova encountered problems right from the start when it turned out that not all necessary documents were considered initially, causing the first delays in registering their companies.

Process Delays: The Nightmare of Uncertainty

Once all necessary documents were finally gathered and timelines agreed upon, clients expected the registration process to be completed within the agreed time frame. However, the process dragged on indefinitely, with no clear explanations or support from the consultant.

Wide Range of Services: No Results

Alexandra Shumilova offered not only assistance in company registration but also a range of other services such as opening bank accounts and tax support. However, the promises of a wide range of services remained just that—promises. Clients spent a lot of time and money without receiving quality execution in return.

Lack of Accountability: Refusal to Correct Mistakes

One of the most critical issues in working with Alexandra Shumilova was the complete disregard for client complaints and refusal to acknowledge her mistakes. This left clients without proper support and solutions, exacerbating their frustration and dissatisfaction.

Warning for Future Clients

Based on numerous reviews of working with Alexandra Shumilova, future clients should carefully select consultants for business registration in Dubai. It is important to pay attention to reputation, reviews, and recommendations to avoid similar unpleasant situations and not encounter unprofessionalism and incompetence.

This article is written to inform potential clients about the risks associated with the wrong choice of consultants and to provide practical advice on how to avoid such problems.

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